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Eureka Taxation Services is an Australian owned and run business. We have grown rapidly since our first office opened in 2007 – it is now one of four offices, and the demand for our services continues to grow.

We have honed our service offering to a point that we're now in the position to offer franchise businesses to self-motivated professionals who have the desire and passion to be successful.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Be your own boss
  • Build an asset
  • Secure your future
  • Realise your dreams

All of our policies and procedures have been developed ‘in-house’, focusing on the Australian ethos of having a fair go. This sense of a fair go also extends to you as a potential franchisee. Whether you are a born and bred Aussie or someone who is relatively new to this country, we will encourage, guide and give you the confidence to realise your business and personal goals.

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